Our weekend excursions...

will occur once or twice a month, weather permitting. Your dog will be able to join us and our crew on our camping trips! We will travel to various locations all over SoCal and explore dog-friendly hiking trails. You, the owner, are always welcome to join us at any time! 

Pricing for our excursions will vary, depending on length of excursion and location.

Please follow us on Facebook/Instagram or check out our Facebook Events page for updated info. You can also click to our events page!

For safety and quality of care, we can only allow a small number of dogs on our excursions. Please contact us directly to reserve your dog’s spot - space is limited!

We do ask if your dog has any special needs or care instructions that you please communicate that prior to booking an excursion. We will try to accommodate as much as possible.


Items we offer:

- your dog will be able to sleep in our Jeep or tent with a provided fleece blanket.

- we can provide Musher’s Secret Paw balm, upon request only.

- Filtered water, first aid, homemade bug deterrent bandanas, pet wipes.

- Our selection of Freeze Dried meals for an extra fee*


What you need to pack for your dog:

- Please have your dog with collar and ID tag, unless microchipped.

- A durable, unaltered leash. That means no frayed threads, chewed areas, splits, faulty hardware, etc.

- Any extra gear is welcome such as sleeping bags, dog packs, life jackets for swimming, boots, goggles, etc, but we will hold no responsibility if damaged or stolen.

- Food: keep in mind, dogs may exert more energy on these trips and may require more calories and/or more frequent meals. Please provide specific written instructions with lightweight food, preferably freeze dried, but kibble is okay, packed in heavy duty ziplock bags. No refrigerated or frozen food, please!