About Us


We are a family of six: Johnny, Katherine, Charlie, Goomba, Lilo, and Stitch. We started The Canine Explorers not only because we love dogs, but we also love nature and being outdoors. We want to share our experiences and adventures with others.


Co-founder, Johnny

enjoys working out and being outdoors. His love for dogs grew when he met his girlfriend, Katherine in 2008. Everything he knows about dogs came from her. He is an active powerlifting athlete and in his spare time he likes to work on the company rig.


Co-founder, Kat

grew up having dogs all her life. Her first dog ever was at the age of 6, named Spike, and he taught her a great deal of responsibility and compassion at an early age. She found herself working with dogs in early 2016 when she decided to leave her corporate job to become a dog caretaker full time. She loves hiking and camping, and in her spare time you can find her baking in the kitchen.



was added into the family in 2007 at eight weeks old. He is a purebred Yorkshire Terrier who loves adventuring just as much as his mom and dad. For a little guy in a little body, he has a lot of spunk and personality.

IMG_0982 1-2.jpg


found her way into the family in 2012 also at eight weeks old. She was rescued from a backyard breeder, so her breed in unknown. Her mom and dad guess she’s part Min Pin and Chihuahua. She’s only eight pounds, but she loves to climb mountains and has the biggest smile.


Lilo & stitch

came to our family as a surprise in 2016. Estimated to be about eight or nine weeks, they were found in a cardboard box that was abandoned outside in the rain. Johnny and Katherine took them in as their own, fed and bathed them. There was a third littermate who was adopted days later. They still see each other ‘til this day. Lilo was discovered to have a brain defect from birth, which causes her to lose her balance every now and then. She is just as healthy as any other pup and loves the adventures with her brother, Stitch. Stitch is a very smart boy and is eager to learn. Their breed is unknown, but are guessed to be a a little bit of everything and a whole lot of love. Them together are like peas in a pod.